card_adult_largeIt was wet and raining and we had to negotiate a 40cm drop as we alighted the bus.  Oops, we forgot to Tap Off.

In the past, when this has happened we submitted a query to Opal support with our card number in the body of the complaint.  (Forget about the fact they ask that detail in the form, it needs to be in the body of the complaint). After the usual to-ing and fro-ing, it is eventually corrected but now in their arsenal is a new form letter.  (Slightly better than the one where they accuse you of outright lying because their GPS is never wrong and your alleged trip defies all laws of time and space).  The new one, where they won’t even consider your complaint as your card is unregistered.

“We are happy to look into your request. However, in order to ensure your privacy is protected we cannot access an Opal account without details being verified.

To do this, please log into your online Opal account at with your username and password, and select the Opal Account Enquiry tab from within the Opal account page.”

Bullshit!  This is another flimsy excuse not to correct fares.  Little wonder they are raking it in.