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We do not know what is customary in other countries, but the chocolate fundraiser has always been a staple in the part of Australia that we live. Various times of the year you would see school children board a bus with their purple cardboard containers containing Freddo Frogs or Easter Eggs. Of course, there would be the parents that would take the box to work and sell to colleagues but alas that is to be no more if the Canberra Timescadbury-freddo-friends-funpack are to be believed.

We had to giggle that chocolate was considered a “red” food. (There is a whole post that could be dedicated as to why marking in red pen is detrimental. We are just waiting for the colour red to have its own safe space.)

Foods and drinks categorised as red – including cake, confectionery and soft drinks – are no longer permitted at fundraisers or as rewards and gifts.

Directorates and agencies have been given a year to become compliant.

A memo sent to staff on Tuesday explained the health risks of chocolate and confectionery fundraisers.

“Combining these high-energy foods with sedentary lifestyles can lead to unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, which increases the risk of developing long lasting health issues, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer,” the memo said.



Umm, chocolate isn’t a meal replacement. These days, the packaging even comes with its own health warning.  When will the demonising of sugar stop??????  There is a little thing called moderation.

As an alternative, it is suggested:

“If you are organising a fundraiser, try suggesting a novel approach like sporting equipment, fruit trays, movie tickets or store vouchers.

Ah, no.  Fruit Trays!!!!!!!!!  We would love to know how these “healthy” alternatives compare to the humble Freddo.

People need to take responsibility for their own dietary choices and not inflict their stupidity on to others.




Dear Secret Santa,

I feel betrayed.  All I wanted last year was for chocolate to resume its place as an acceptable Secret Santa gift.  But no, chocolate with its palm oil is now seen as supporting environmental terrorism (sob).  Could we get an exception for fair trade chocolate (please)?

Worse still, I find that after all these years labouring under the misapprehension that the Secret Santa was the opportunity to buy a thoughtful gift for the virtual stranger in the office(thanks for lifting the spend limit to $20 this year) it is an opportunity for sanctioned bullying.

We had no idea that the gift in question was suppose to be invoke rage.  Our eyes opened when we learned that the following were actually Secret Santa Gifts:

1. Dog Food (that is not clever)

2.’ Office Bitch’ Mug

3.Underwear (WTF??????)

4.Items from a sex shop (FSOG is so last year)

5.Book of Etiquette (Handwriting Book)

Holy crap! Santa, I have been a really, really good girl this year.



Gertie xoxox



Don’t you love the fundraising emails that solicit cash in return for chocolately goodness? We particularly delight in the emails that conform to the ‘effective fundraising template’

1.  Personalise the intro.  Make it relevant to the recipient so they know it hasn’t been CC to everyone in their address book.

2.  Nominate the event or product that is to be retailed.

3.  Tell the recipient why the cause is close to their heart.

4. Explain to the recipient how their contribution will make a difference.

We felt so special when we received this highly personalised request.

Hi Gertie, (Oh wow, you do actually know my name)


If you are interested there is a box of freddo’s on my desk.

My child’s school is doing a fundraiser. (What?  Prima facie assumption that because it’s your child it’s a worthwhile cause.)

$1.00 per freddo. (Thank you for clarifying exactly why there is a picture of Freddo in my inbox)

Help yourself if you are interested.

Cubicle Slave

Epic fail on the last pointer but it is a tad inconsiderate that you send me this email when otherwise you don’t acknowledge my existence.

What do you think when parents bring their child’s fundraiser to work? Is it impolite only to communicate to a fellow cubicle slave when you want cash from them?