Why do people think that their lives are so interesting that they need to narrate it minute by minute (oh, the irony of this post).

We don’t care that you just got a marketing cold call from India.

We don’t care that they asked for you by name on the “mistaken assumption” that you own the company after they harvested your name last time they called.

We don’t care that you get a number of these type of phone calls on your mobile phone.

We don’t care that you were extremely polite about it before disconnecting.

We don’t care about the technique employed in cold call canvassing.

Ring up.  Ask for someone with a common name.  If that doesn’t yield immediate results, hope that the person on the other end of the line volunteers a name that sounds similar.

Once you have your prey cornered, tell the victim that someone recommended them for the product.

We don’t care.  Just shut up.