So, Good Morning
Good Morning
Sun beams will soon smile through
Good Morning
Good Morning to you and you and you and you (From Singing in the Rain)

Oh dear, it is now official. Failing to greet your colleagues with “Good Morning” and unfriending them on Facebook is a form of bullying.

Lifting straight from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Rachael Roberts was a real estate agent with 10 years’ industry experience. Since November 2012, she has been working at Tasmanian real estate agency VIEW Launceston.

Ms Roberts went to the Fair Work Commission alleging she had been bullied by her employer, mainly in her interactions with Lisa Bird, the sales administrator and the wife of the agency’s principal.

Ms Roberts said when she complained to the agency principal James Bird that she was not getting a fair representation of her properties displayed in the front window of the agency, Mrs Bird called a meeting and accused her of being a “naughty little school girl running to the teacher”.

Later that day, Ms Roberts found that Mrs Bird had deleted her as a Facebook friend.

The tribunal found unfriending her on Facebook showed a “lack of emotional maturity” and was “indicative of unreasonable behaviour”.

And …

The tribunal also found that Mrs Bird acted unreasonably when she did not acknowledge Ms Roberts in the morning and delivered photocopying and printing to other employees but not Ms Roberts.

On another occasion, Ms Roberts asked Mrs Bird to carry out a rental appraisal urgently. However, Mrs Bird sent the appraisal by letter instead of via email, which was the normal procedure.

Moral of the story:

  1. Β Don’t friend anyone from work on Facebook (particularly the boss’s wife).
  2. If you have a problem with someone don’t trust them to carry out a task which is urgent.