We are too much of a muggle to possess a cloak of invisibility rather my guise is far more simple, far more common and that is being female.  We are certainly not the first nor shall be the last to be told bluntly that gender is a disqualifying factor for communication.  Though it has reached absurd heights in the past couple weeks.

Remember that subcontracting job(SJ)?  It is proceeding in the same efficient pace as a death by a thousand paper cuts. Why? Apparently, we require a Mansplainer Translator (MT)as effective communication can only be carried out by two men. (Silly me to think otherwise). Mansplainer Translator is not familiar with the minutiae of the job but all communication is now passed through him.  It reached the sublimely ridiculous last week when the passive aggressive ‘pass me the salt’ pantomime was performed.

Mansplainer Translator and I were summoned to the office where not once were we directly addressed with any salutation or question. Queries, solicitations of health, comments. complaints were all directed towards MT.  SJ would ask the question.  MT would turn to me, we would supply the answer and MT would have to repeat it back to SJ as otherwise the communication loop would not be complete.  This meeting lasted well over an hour and we were pointedly ignored by SJ for the whole duration. Like WTF???

You nominate the form of communication, telephone, email, in person, have all been conducted in this manner.  Try to communicate with SJ directly without MT and you are ignored.

Irony is, if you listen to those with the double x chromosome they may just have the answer (and this job just might have been finished months ago).