Going postal is such a curious phrase yet it seems to encapsulate so much rage so succinctly.  So much rage!

In 2007, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 46% of Australians do not possess  the ‘literacy skills needed to meet the complex demands of everyday life and work’  (we are cherry picking a bit ) so is it any wonder that maintaining addresses in the primary database (let alone the secondary database which the first one prompts to update) is a seemingly impossible task?

Silly question!  Of course it is.

We expect far too much.  The excuse proffered for admin’s failings this time was the ‘software is too clunky’.  No.  The software’s ubiquity across the industry would suggest otherwise.  The secondary database effectiveness is dependent upon the relationships and data been correctly recorded in the first database.  Garbage in. Garbage out.  In the words of Aleksandr Orlov “Simples.”

Tomorrow, we have to trawl through and rectify six months worth of  discrepancies because admin is too stupid and lazy to follow the prompts and thus a two minute job becomes an eight hour inconvenience.