Move over Newton’s Cradle. The latest trend for destressing is the humble colouring book. Okay, not so humble with its $20 price tag but it does come with a pack of pencils.

Colouration by Stan Rodski contains 26 patterns as humans like patterns apparently. Rodski observed‘when someone is focused on colouring, their brain will produce alpha relax waves, instead of beta active waves. The level of adrenaline in the brain is reduced and the level of dopamine rises, in the same way someone relaxes while listening to music or watching a movie.

“I thought here is an idea. Let’s use some of the other principles the brain loves – the brain loves pattern, the brain loves repetition and habit – and put it all together in a colouring book that is non-competitive and focused,” Rodski says.

“It’s a simple idea but there is so much science behind it.”

Sure there is. Does this mean I can buy a Frozen colouring book and claim as a tax deduction as I am too stressed?