Where has February and most of March gone? More time hungry than a Weeping Angel, the subcontracting gig continues without abate.

As mentioned previously, my personal email address was disseminated to third parties without my consent and now is cluttered. I do enjoy the weekend email where you are blamed for whatever hiccup in the project that has occurred. Not a direct email mind, but one where every tangential stakeholder is cc’ed in.

The CC email is the ultimate passive aggressive weapon in the arsenal when used internally. It creates the digital audit trail to cover oneself later when the proverbial hits the fan. At its most devastating, it can create the illusion of managerial efficiency through linguistic agility.

The CC email when distributed externally is just unprofessional. It leaves the employee impotent as a repartee deconstructing the criticism will be forwarded on to the client creating a bloodier mess. It undermines not just the credibility of the employee but the organisation itself.