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Is there but a greater crime than frittering away the fleeting immortality of our youth on the thanklessness of the daily grind? We occasionally subcontract (long expletive laden story)for an organisation when staff are short.  After this latest stint, it is not hard to see why staff turnover is high (you know it is really bad when a colleague squeeze your hand telling you ‘To be strong’).

Here is the top nine ways to irritate your staff:

Feed them to the lions: Management’s complete and utter failure to take responsibility FOR ANYTHING.  Scapegoating an individual team member (junior or not) to a client creates disharmony.

Blame others:  Similar to lion feeding, fault lies elsewhere but within the organisation.

Ignore time differences: If we accept the definition of holiday as ‘A day free from work that one may spend at leisure’ then ringing a person 8 o’clock Sunday morning their time while on vacation is disrespectful.  To continue ringing them until they pick up is harassment.

Ringing a person after hours for a trivial matter that can be easily be solved during office hours also over steps the mark.

Violating the private sphere: Disseminating the private contact details of staff to clients.  Do we really have to spell out why this is wrong?

Impossible deadlines: Do not promise a client a task in an impossibly tight deadline then move it forward particularly when staff have accommodated you working 16 hour days and 12 hour weekends to meet the original deadline.  Humans need sunlight.

Passive Aggression: ‘Client is happy but wanted to know why you didn’t use Method B’.  Bullshit.  Unless the client is in the trade, they do not know the difference between Method A, B or C or care as long as optimal outcome is achieved.  We told you repeatedly Method B was not achievable in the time frame and only is optimal if other factors were in play which they were not.

Drip Feeding Information: Watching paint dry is more productive.

Micro-Managing: “Before you show Cubicle Slave X how to do something, run it pass me first…” Um, the program only allows you to enter it one way.

Misalignment of expectations: If you employ someone to make coffee and then expect them to make Danish pastries without training then the lion feeding become more egregious.