It’s that nebulous time of year where the days are neither classified as weekend or weekday.  Where the days seem nameless until the countdown of New Year Eve and the fireworks light up Sydney Opera House.

It is the time of reflection, promises and new resolutions (well the same resolutions reheated).  Boxing Day sales and sunburn. The mingled aroma of sunscreen and Aerogard. And anxiety.  If there is one word that sums up 2014 it is disruptive.

Disruptive technology, disruptive innovation, disruptive influence.  You have to congratulate the marketing geniuses who can take a word with negative connotations and spin it.

New ideas, new markets, new opportunities…sure fine great…but there is something sinister when you attend a product’s roadshow and the ‘product evangelist’ with a very straight face is telling you that one of the advantages of the product is the ability to tend to a client’s need 11pm at night. You don’t need to stick antiquated office hours.  Service the client anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Technology has revolutionised users’ expectations but has it empowered its users or enslaved them?  11pm is not empowerment.  1am is embitterment.  2am is disruptive to sleep.  Disruptive technology…so very 2014.

Happy 2015!