Status Update: Angry.

This is not the explosive anger that subsides as quickly as it rises but the anger that simmers for long time.  As an erstwhile colleague noted, it is the anger that seeps in and does not abate.

It would seem that my malcontent festers around the filing.  I am tired of documents being misfiled, documents shoved in plastic sleeves that should have been returned to the client, files duplicated,  documents not fastened in folder, documents left unscanned.

Most think that filing is unimportant but a document that is not filed properly is a document lost.  A document lost is a chink in the audit trail.

This has been repeatedly being brought to management’s attention (and this is the lesson learned never ever underestimate the capacity of the males of the species to be bewitched by one they find attractive) and ignored.  Deemed unimportant, not worth the angst because it might upset admin.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a fundamental duty of admin’s function is to maintain the files (along with handling correspondence) but instead we are lumbered with someone functionally illiterate and a management enthralled with admin’s sexual potency.

This is not the ingredients of a cheap romance novel but a highly dysfunctional office with low staff morale.