Oh dear God. Admin got engaged. Happy event? Maybe for the wedding industry $kerching$ but not for those in the office.

The PTB choked up as he wished ‘every happiness’ to the blushing bride to be (at the “special morning tea”) betraying what was long suspected (an infatuation blinding him to the extent of admin’s incompetency).

What does this mean? Apart from the PTB now in deep mourning and generally non-functioning… Well based on past experience:

  • The photocopier will be tied up for hours printing invites (and menus). Remember, weddings are an industry so there will not only be the wedding invites, but the engagement party, the kitchen tea, the hens’ night etc.
  • Glue, ribbon, glitter and miniature whisks everywhere as the said invites are assembled.
  • Frequent absences from the office (not that there will be  any discernible difference)
  • Multiple non -work related phone calls (again, nothing new there)
  • What little screen time they dedicate to work will be given over to trawling wedding sites.
  • And as the wedding approaches-packing the bombonieres the day before the wedding (yes, this has happened in the past)

Yep, that is why weddings are communal events.