Of late my inbox seems to be cluttered with group emails regarding toilet etiquette.  Water restrictions may have begun already but things are not so dire that you cannot flush the toilet after use or so it is alleged.

Excerpt from email below (as per usual italics are mine):


Its sad when a situation gets to the frustrating point of needing a sign. (And a brilliant use of clip art it is too).  Lets try again so we can avoid this (Oh please, let’s).

I will be blunt (because the previous emails and the aforementioned sign are subtle?) – before you leave the toilet please wait to see that what you flushed actually cleared as too many times now, unbeknown to one or all, it hasn’t. The next person then to use the toilet has had the unfortunate task of trying to clear it. This is especially not nice when it is not your own.

Please be diligent,  I really would like this to be the last time it is discussed(Um, as far as I know you are the only one bring it up).


I really don’t know what to say.


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