Really? Is it that hard to file alphabetically? Most pre-schoolers reared on the Sesame Street ditto would know their abcs (and next time will ask that you sing with me).

Unfortunately, in the small space of the universe I occupy, filing alphabetically is an unreasonable impost or so I was told when concerns were expressed how the binders were arranged.

Home bookshelf, sure go for it but the workplace is not the place to organise binders according to their size, brand and colour. Nowhere in that schematic arrangement was the alphabet considered. The letter C and Y are not usual neighbours.

Can you imagine if the great libraries of the world were to employ that arrangement? You would never find a thing! Yet, the powers to be can not see the impractically of that filing arrangement and tell me I am being unreasonable. So, I put it out there what filing arrangement is your office using which is more efficient than the humble alphabet?