Okay, I will admit I might have a slight obsession with what people wear to work.  Perhaps, it is because I work in an environment where walking around bare footed and dressing like a cheap hooker is acceptable.  So it was with interest that we read the Tax Office’s concern regarding staff wearing ‘revealing’ or ‘immodest’ outfits.

From the Canberra Times:

Insiders say the crackdown is another example of Mr Jordan’s growing influence as he tries to bring the culture of his former workplace, private sector accounting firm KPMG, to the 23,000 public servants of the ATO.

Taxation’s service delivery chief Robert Ravanello started rocking the new look two months ago, telling his officials to cover up or smarten up.

Mr Ravanello sent a memo to his workers, saying the there was too much bare flesh on display or too many street-casual looks around the service delivery offices and it was all cramping Taxation’s style. (Cramping the ATO’s style?????)

“There are examples of service delivery employees dressing too casually or immodestly, therefore impacting on the perceptions of the professionalism of the ATO,” Mr Ravanello wrote to his staff.

“Our professionalism is displayed through our values and code of conduct, but also through our appearance and dress.

“Items of clothing such as thongs, board shorts or revealing attire, are just some examples of clothing that are considered to be too casual and therefore inappropriate for the ATO workplace.” (Board shorts??!! When was that ever considered appropriate office wear?)

Got to love the APS.


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