Aww shucks, the NSW teaching fraternity will be subject to a strict dress code commencing Term Two.  It does make one wonder what some teachers have been wearing to work for these gems to be included in the Dress Code:

  • Employees must not wear revealing clothes such as those exposing bare midriffs, strapless tops or dresses or clothes that may be construed as suggestive and/or offensive (Nothing new here, people).
  • Employees must not wear inappropriate clothes such as singlets, t-shirts, tracksuits or rubber thongs (except for sports and organised physical activities) (so leather thongs okay then?), ripped or dirty clothes, or clothes with inappropriate slogans (e.g advertising for tobacco and alcohol)

Dirty clothes? WTF? Are we lead to believe that teachers are so underpaid that the go dumpster diving of an evening?  Or with barely the will to live that they front class in clothing stiffen with dirt and scented with stale cigarettes and alcohol? Oh, I am curious what incident lead to ‘dirty clothes’ been listed.

As tempting as it is to take cheap shots at the teaching professional, the Dress Code seems to be another lament in the decline of wardrobe standards.  Or in the words of Hannah Betts:

The old notion of dressing for the job has been superseded by a desire for a permanent state of infantilised comfort in which ease is all.