Once upon a time in a far away place the decision was made to remove grammar from the school curriculum.  God knows what they were smoking in the 1970s but the precedence accorded to the “whole language” approach has failed.

Most become aware of  their educational deficiency when trying to learn a second language and curse the Australian education system for the collective ignorance of propositions, infinitives and conjunctions.

But for all it faults, I never thought I would see the day when we would meet one ignorant of the rules covering usage of the full stop. In particular, the rule that a full stop marks the end of a sentence.

Thus in act so unfathomable, admin decided to remove the full stop from the end of EVERY sentence in the letter templates.  WTF??????????

Which part of ‘full stop marks the end of every sentence that is a statement’ is not comprehended?

I realise that the argument has been made that the full stop purports anger in digital communication but surely one can distinguish between a text and a letter?

Would it be very wrong of me to print out a grammar worksheet covering the usage of the full stop?