Today is Go Home on Time Day (apparently leaving the office before darkness falls is now only an annual event). An initiative of the Australian Institute and Beyond Blue the event’s aim is to promote work-lifestyle balance and mentally healthy workplace.  Okay.


Now to the stats:

  • Australians work some of the longest hours in the developed world, and this year we will work $110 billion worth of unpaid overtime (that’s because we have a culture of working overtime particularly in finance, law and IT)
  • 3.8 million Australians routinely don’t take a lunch break but a majority acknowledge that when they do it makes them more productive (Long Lunch? Didn’t that go out in the 1980s?)
  • One in two Australian workers didn’t take their full annual leave entitlements last year (and that’s news?)
  • One in four employees checks their work emails and answers work calls outside of work hours (Its call a smartphone)
  • Australians work three times more hours of unpaid overtime than they volunteer to community organisations.