Australians in the past financial year spent more than $7 billion  shopping at overseas websites.  Part of the visceral joy of the online experience is ripping open the package in front of audience who ooh and ahh in sympathetic harmony with a hint  of underlying envy.

Thus the grey package arrived.  The delivery guy probably had not been surrounded by so many clamouring females since the 1970s relished the moment.

Robbed of the ability to form a coherent sentence, ‘Swimmers, Swimmers, Swimmers,’ became the clarion cry to summon the others.

We were flatten against the corridor as the others made their way to the package.  ‘Swimmers’ taunted the Delivery Guy enjoying the pantomime.

The name of the recipient was revealed and no swimmers contained therein.  The disappointed  crowd thinned.  We were only thankful that the recipient was not the colleague with the collage of bikinis clad-selfies on their cubicle wall or really  would have had a turn on the catwalk.