Don’t you love the fundraising emails that solicit cash in return for chocolately goodness? We particularly delight in the emails that conform to the ‘effective fundraising template’

1.  Personalise the intro.  Make it relevant to the recipient so they know it hasn’t been CC to everyone in their address book.

2.  Nominate the event or product that is to be retailed.

3.  Tell the recipient why the cause is close to their heart.

4. Explain to the recipient how their contribution will make a difference.

We felt so special when we received this highly personalised request.

Hi Gertie, (Oh wow, you do actually know my name)


If you are interested there is a box of freddo’s on my desk.

My child’s school is doing a fundraiser. (What?  Prima facie assumption that because it’s your child it’s a worthwhile cause.)

$1.00 per freddo. (Thank you for clarifying exactly why there is a picture of Freddo in my inbox)

Help yourself if you are interested.

Cubicle Slave

Epic fail on the last pointer but it is a tad inconsiderate that you send me this email when otherwise you don’t acknowledge my existence.

What do you think when parents bring their child’s fundraiser to work? Is it impolite only to communicate to a fellow cubicle slave when you want cash from them?