Ahh, the joys of office life.  Forced socialisation with people you barely care about with the added risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

Quite simply, the human body was not designed to spend the majority of  its time engaged in sedentary behaviour.  You know sitting or reclining with little or no energy expenditure.  What we spend  77% of the working day doing.  The (non) activity that has increased over the last twenty years due to email and internal phones as we really can’t be bothered to get off our collective arses and speak to our colleagues.

Time spent sitting has been shown to be associated with premature all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality and elevated biomarkers of cardio-metabolic risk, including waist circumference, serum triglycerides, blood glucose, insulin and systolic blood pressure. According to Dunstan, Barr et al (2010) one hour per day increase in television viewing time (a sedentary behaviour) is associated with an 11 per cent increased in all cause mortality and an 18 per cent increase in cardiovascular disease mortality.

What perhaps is most depressing is the trending that the 30minute workout after work does not counteract the effects of all day sedentary behaviour.  The day needs to be intersperse with activity and that would entail a huge cultural change. So not going to happen in this lifetime so ergo working really is bad for your health.