Okay we don’t want this blog to turn into a collection of articles sourced from Fairfax online but what the hell is up with the Australian Public Service?  First Lollygate and now acoustic trauma.

Regular readers of this blog would rightly guess we have very deep sympathy for the complainant as we know all too well the mental anguish that an obnoxious foghorn can cause.

According to Cetec, ” To achieve occupant acoustic satisfaction in your office it requires speech privacy and comfortable sound levels. For acceptable speech privacy your people need to be unable to understand conversations overheard from other areas/cubicles. This is a function of the ratio of sound energy from speech and other ambient sounds. If your office is quiet with little background noise, overheard speech can be perfectly intelligible and therefore more annoying because of its information content, unpredictability, and uncontrollably.’ So not happening here.

Safework SA states that hearing lost can occur when there is repeated exposure at 75dB(A) and 80dB(A).


With the predilection for open floor plans, we don’t think management takes acoustic trauma seriously. If you can’t win as a public servant no chance in the private sector.