With a reported 35% of resumes embellished it is perhaps unsurprising that a purportedly ‘unvarnished honest’ CV has gone viral. Whether or not it is genuine and not a prank like the Macca’s application is yet to be revealed.

So what do people lie about? Well apparently it’s grades, smoothing out gaps in employment, and embellishing previous positions.

Are people checking more? Apart from the obvious of ensuring that your LinkedIn profile and CV are in sync don’t under estimate the use of Google and Facebook. After all, it is not called Stalker book for nothing.  Photographed while plastered will come back to haunt you (and the mud wrestling pics).

Perhaps the most disturbing trend is the increasingly gendered hobbies.  Sewing, knitting and baking.  Is the latter a hint that a candidate has pretentions to appearing on Masterchef AU or that any technical skills need to be tempered by domesticity. Here’s a hint, unless the job is for housekeeper, I don’t care about your Cordon Bleu cooking so there is no need to lie about.