Happy New Year, Friends!  It is that time of year when we check-list through the inevitable news stories: illegal dumping at the Salvos, the gifted courted by prestigious universities, sweltering heat waves and the pay gap.

The latter brings the usual ruffled feathers and mock outrage of how such discrimination can exist. Thank you Anne Summers.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (whose name will probably change after the election) found that men’s starting salaries increased over the past year to $55,000 while women’s salaries stalled at $50,000.

Why this current study is seen as revelationary is a bit beyond me. The Graduate Careers Australia study in 2010 found that the three years after leaving university, the average male graduate was earning $65,000 compared with $58,800 to his female counterpart. See nothing new.

Not as attention grabbing was the little fact that in seven occupations women out earned men. No attendant outcry over that.

Is it really that bad?  Last month The Atlantic nominated Australia as a country where women (childless that is ) out earned men. Don’t you love a manipulated statistic?

And there is the rub. Carla Harris from WEGA may contend that there is ‘no adequate explanation.’   Let’s proffer one, shall we?  Children.  We have been asked in interviews what our intentions are in that regard.  To which we replied is a hysterectomy pre-requisite to working here?

We are not suggesting that it is the reason but certainly it would have to be a mitigating factor.

And most women (hopefully) would certainly be far removed from the pay conditions of Pickering’s Harem.

You can check out all the fuss with the following link:

2013-01-03 GradStats factsheet