Studies have found that plants can contribute to a safer and more productive environment by removing volatile organic compounds(VOCs) from the air.  The University of Technology Sydney Study found that a 200mm pot could clean the air within 24 hours of an 12sqm -15sqm office .

Yet for all the benefits, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and reduced stress, taking care of the plant seems to cause drama.  As difficult as this may be to fathom, plants do like the occasional drop of water (though you could be wicked and get your Peace Lily addicted to caffeine), fertiliser and every couple of years to be repotted.  Afterall, a sick plant is not going to be particularly effective.

Common sense would dictate that in the absent of the primary care-giver a drooping plant may need water.  Does the observer alleviate the plant’s distress?  No, as watering the plant ‘Is not in my job description’.

Solution for a green office?  Buy a plastic plant.  Defeats the purpose of having a real plant in the office but it’s green and in the eyes of management that’s all that counts.