HoHoHo.  Merry Christmas!  It is that time of the year with the frivolity of Melbourne Cup behind us that we now enter into the home stretch towards Christmas and that glorious week that we have off.  Now is the time that the Christmas party invites are dispatched and HR issue stern warnings about the firm’s legal responsibility if the alcohol-fuelled mirth ends in misery.

But alas, we were not invited.  The only person in the office not invited. Excellent.  A mere oversight? No,  the excuse offered was that in all the years you have worked here you have never attended a party (bullshit, we attended the Christmas the first year we worked here.  You know the one that you were inebriated and put your hand where it should not be and had a conversation with my breasts) and that you would “save me the trouble” of RSVPing. LOL.

With such consideration how can a girl stay offended by not receiving the email invite because it is SOOO hard including someone in a group email.

If it is an office party then everyone should be invited regardless how you feel about them.  After all, it is suppose to be the season of goodwill towards all men.