As much as ‘Clippie’ was maligned and mocked, little did we realised that his insistent ‘It looks like you are writing a letter’ was actually a community service.

In a (somewhat dubious) survey released this week, where a startling number of teachers cannot spell (aka why sending your child to a state school is playing Russian Roulette with their education), it is little wonder that the art of formatting a letter without a template is a lost art.

Incredulously, being able to write a letter is not seen as a prerequisite for an admin role. Indeed, twelve months into the role and the inability to type a letter unaided is not seen as a cause of concern or a point of frustration by the powers to be. Why should it be when the female professional staff can cover for such inadequacies?

It would appear that the only prerequisite to admin is the ability to totter alluringly in high heels and being literate is an optional extra.