There it is in black and white my inalienable right to an unpaid meal break of 30-60 minutes where I am to partake of nourishment.

Our receptionist is quite adherent to this right (for the privilege few) and is quite good at the line , “ I’m sorry, Mr Client but Cubicle Slave 354 is currently at lunch, can I take a message?’

But alas this courtesy is not uniformly observed where a particular section are deemed to be automatons and their designated lunch hour is to be ignored. Knowing, the morsels of food are in transit to the mouth, the response is quite different. ‘Certainly, Mr Client, I will just put you through even though I know they are busily masticating their sandwich.”

We assume that this wilfulness is some sort of payback for alleged grievances.

Sweetie, don’t take sides as all is not what it seems in the cubicle jungle.