Access to clean, safe and drinkable water is a mandatory requirement in the Australian workplace.  Despite tap water being perfectly adequate, the commodisation of this public good means that it is to the bottled water cooler we turn to quench our thirst.

As others have observed, changing the empty bottle becomes a tiresome task.  A task so under appreciated  that an email needs to be sent to all and sundry that such an imposition has been endured.

Such is the moral outrage perpetuated that most of the email needs to be typed in CAPS just in case we were unable to discern the IRRITATION in such menial labour.

Personally, we source our filtered water from everyone’s favourite duopoly as we long ago wearied of such emails if we so much as looked at the water cooler in the wrong way. ( Receipts available for inspection upon request).

As we count down to the introduction of a carbon tax perhaps we could dispense of the water cooler in the name of the environment.  It would at the very least be one less topic for an eye-roll inducing email.