At one time or another we have all received the solicitation for cash email:


From: Cubicle Slave 254
Sent: Monday, 4 June 2012 10:16 AM
Subject: Hallmark Moment

Hi All,

Cubicle Slave 223 is about to celebrate a Hallmark moment.

If you would like to contribute please let me know by Thursday so I can fix up the gift.

Thank you!


Nothing rankles more than to be asked for a cash contribution for someone you would be hard-pressed to identify in a police line up.  Worse still it’s not tax-deductible! (If anyone can provide an ATO ruling to the contrary would be eternally grateful.)

Then the internal office politics come into play.  Even though the email is circulated to EVERYONE it does not immediately follow that your individual contribution is welcomed.  Our section learnt the hard way to contribute as a group so the allegation could not be levelled that certain individuals were not team-players.

So as we cough up in the name of harmony and the employer once again passes the cost to the employee to avoid the FBT implications what do you think is a fair contribution?