You know it’s a slow news day combined with Monday-itis when the ‘social media is used to head-hunt’ story is brought out to play.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook according to SMH are used to cultivate passive employees, those professionals not currently looking for their next career opportunity but have a fascinating  little digital black book.

Before your workplace adds LinkedIn to the already banned Twitter and Facebook Glenn Smith offers a more prosaic view, ‘They just need to know who to target and a phone number. They are hunters, they don’t wait for the phone to ring; picking up the phone and dialling out is in their blood. It’s the thrill of the chase, winning.’  Damn and we were just going to tweet furiously during Q&A to appear witty but it appears we only need to be listed in the Yellow Pages.

Question is has anyone actually been cultivated through social media? Or if you want to ‘cultivate’ us post a comment below.