With the average workspace decreasing from 11.47sq metres to 7.6 sq metres over the past decade it is inevitable that the incidence of sardine rage is on the increase.

Gossip was cited as the key irritant in an US study  for as many will attest there is nothing like being privy to the scheduled daily domestic of a colleague two desks over.

Revelling in the captive audience that the slave gallery offers, the offender will think nothing of asking the cubicle slave adjacent to critique their phone manner and whether the intonation of their voice fully conveyed their anger or moral righteousness on whatever festering issue has soured their marital bliss on the given day.

Somehow forwarding a link for divorce papers was little appreciated as a handy suggestion to put all and sundry out of their misery.

Inside voices people for there are some things your colleagues do not want to know.