From a very early age we learn to mark our territory in the school playground.  Human territoriality is the segmentation of space as a source of power.

A power which is bestowed or withheld at the whim of the employer in the workplace.  Whether it be the cramming in as sardines in the cubicle farms or the evident disposability of the hot-desking (ahem, sorry activity based working*) employee.

Whatever the spatial arrangements, the slaves will still find way to subvert the rules and mark their territory with personal items.

Sometimes these personal items prove to be a little too attractive.  They are to be studied and examined in the absence of their custodian.

Caught red-handed touching the object (read ransacking the desk and not in the same team) it is best to be ready with an amusing tale of woe (not the proffered flimsy lie) in exchange for the space violation for as many will attest the cover up is often worse than the crime.


*activity based working =covert means of ensuring employees will commence at the first slither of dawn to ensure occupation of prime working space.