Desktop Calender available from Officeworks

Desktop Calendar available from Officeworks

As much as physicists delight in the quirk of coffee stains their presence in the office environment is not so appreciated.

Generally, their removal is executed forthwith with some form of absorbent material whether it be the sponge, paper towel or humble tissue.

Unfortunately, the tissue was a mere millimetre too far to assist in this operation when the coffee stain pooled.

Behold, the desk calendar that was adjacent to the box of Kleenex.  Little did we know that the sheets pertaining to tomorrow’s date were that much more absorbent than yesterday’s date or curiously those tissues.

Advertisers of household products beware, stop directing your campaigns at ‘working mums’ and start focusing on the office idiot as there are still nine months of the year left that care not be stained by caffeine residue.